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Silver CB900F
Silver CB900F

Joined: Jan 13, 2010
Posts: 1399
Location: Melbourne Aus

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:07 am Reply with quote Back to top

I replied to an ebay add yesterday regarding a 2 month old Triumph Thunderbird with a price about a third of the current price. What gets up my nose is these mongrels always seem to hide under the military banner and not one of them would be worth pissing on by military people

Message body
I'm in a military base now. We are training, getting ready for Iraq .
I'm only allowed to check my email twice a day. I hope you can
understand that we will have to stick to email for now.
Being in the army has some advantages. I can ship it very cheap. I will
take care of the shipping charges, like I said in my first email. I
think I can have it there in 3-4 working days. I am a member of the eBay
buyer protection program and using this service you will get a 5 days
testing period after delivery(starting the day you receive the moto).
During that 5 days testing period I will not be getting any money. You
can choose to cancel the agreement.
In this case, PayPal will give you a full refund, and I will get my moto
back, all on my costs.
I would like to know if this is reasonable and if you have decided to
buy the moto, please confirm your PayPal e-mail for the following
instructions and how this works.
Best regards,
Alexandra Corones
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Silver CB900F
Silver CB900F

Joined: Mar 12, 2012
Posts: 1339
Location: Clinton Twp, MI USA

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:07 pm Reply with quote Back to top

The "how this works" statement is a dead giveaway.

I've always responded: NO. How this works is, I come and look at the bike, maybe take it for a test drive, you show me the clear title in your name and them we negotiate a deal.
I pay you cash and you sign the title over to me and then I take the bike AND title home.

BTW, if there is any doubt in the transaction it's finalized at the Secretary of State's offices (Michigan) or the DMV wherever you are.

Like the phone call I got a couple of weeks ago - "Grampa, I'm in trouble and need some money and they want to put me in jail" I told the caller, too bad for you....."I never had any kids."

If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

Certified Master Motorcycle Technician Since 1978
Randakk Approved Carburetor Rebuilder
Dealer for KOSO Instruments 
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Black CB750F
Black CB750F

Joined: Oct 20, 2014
Posts: 853
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:31 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Obviously a scam.

The issue is always going to be proving that you have clear title. The problem is that how you establish that clear title is going to be different depending on what jurisdiction you are in.

Norm, you are in Victoria, so have a look at this link http://www.lawhandbook.org.au/06_07_03_used_cars-before_you_buy-who_owns_the_car/

Click on the expanding menu item 'Certificate of registered security interest'.

The key item is that you have to have a record that you have checked the register of security interests. If you have done this just prior to the time of sale, any previous interest in the vehicle is extinguished if you purchased in good faith, for value and without notice of the interest.

So, essentially what CBXtras is saying holds true for Victoria Australia - do your check, turn up and pay cash and take your car.

However, there are complications if the vehicle is stolen. You will need to check the details of the person selling the vehicle against the registration. If it looks dodgy, I would walk, as the 'seller' may not have title. Essentially, you are not legally allowed to sell something that you don't have title to (don't own). Title will remain with the legal owner and you will have to fight to get your money back from the thief/scammer.

Clear as mud?



1981 CB750F (gone, but not forgotten)
1982 CB900FC
1981 CB900F2B
2007 Vespa GTS250
1989 BMW K100RS 
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Friend of the Board
Friend of the Board

Joined: Jul 09, 2005
Posts: 22125
Location: Long Island,N.Y.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:24 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Heard of two real recent scams that actually got money from the victims.....I've forgotten some exact details but the flavor is accurate regarding what happened...

First, A college educated professional person gets a call on home phone answering machine from the IRS..Returns call...Call says a review of their tax returns shows that the couple owes money, and that a lien is being placed on their bank account and their home.

The remedy? Wire money orders from MULTIPLE LOCATIONS (maybe there is a $1500 limit per transaction)to the IRS...The caller makes the person stay on the line and forbids them from contacting the Police or anyone else.....Person goes black with all communicating with everyone and starts following directions to avoid the lien.

Spouse gets a call that the victim has left a small child (<4 yrs) at school because they neglected to pick up them up and now that person can't be reached and is missing.

The Victim was eventually found hours later at a distant Walmart, in the process of wiring money to the scammer....Left a child because they were told to, and wired close to 10K in money......Family was absolutely convinced they were the victim of foul play and was either kidnapped or worse...

Second, person selling a $1000 car on Craigslist has an out of state buyer who sends the seller two money orders totaling $2000 to cover the shipping cost for the car. I forget the exact details, but somehow the seller agrees to wire the difference in asking price and the money order total to an account in France, because the buyer is overseas now. After he wires the money , the seller's bank notifies the seller that the Money orders are forged and are no good. Seller now is out close to a grand....

I'm too cynical to buy anything or sell anything by phone or text when I can't physically see and examine the merchandise or buyer...

1983 cb1100f (blue)
1980 cb750f original owner (black) 
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Silver CB900F
Silver CB900F

Joined: Jan 13, 2010
Posts: 1399
Location: Melbourne Aus

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:47 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I knew it was a scam, bike had QLD plates and was supposedly in Perth. I told him I would fly to Perth with cash on Sat and pick it up but as I knew would happen the reply was "I,m on a military base, I told you the terms and conditions" Not sure how far he would get through the email I sent him
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